Say what you want,

we can't see it anyway!

What is Chadder?

Chadder is a simple cross-platform private messaging application. We make privacy easy to reach and fun to use. We never see what you send. Say what you want, we can't see it anyway!

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End-to-End Encryption

Picture Messages


QR Code System

Simple Friend Adding

Who made this?

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Chadder was developed by 7 students from Rochester Institute of Technology. We have worked tirelessly to build an application that is balanced between fun and private. Time and time again we have seen "private" applications with access to your information and we thought it was about time someone changed that.

Support us!

Since we're college students, we're operating on a very limited budget. In order to bring you the best, we need money to bring on more developers and designers, and to get a better infrastructure to manage as many users as we can.


Why should I care about privacy?

Why did you build Chadder?

How do I add contacts on Chadder?

What is the goal for Chadder?

What is the difference between security and privacy?

What type of encryption do you use?

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If you have questions regarding the application, or any issues you may have, feel free to contact us at